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PT Noah Arkindo

Last Update : 15 Juni 2017 13:46:25 WIB

Alamat : Gedung Noah Jl. Cideng Barat 37

Kota : Jakarta Pusat

Telepon : 02163853830

Fax : 02163853829

Email : gilangyudistira@noah-arkindo.com

Website : http://www.noah-arkindo.com

Deskripsi Perusahaan :

PT Noah Arkindo was founded in 2000 by two local entrepreneurs to make AIDC products and services available in Indonesia. Our products selected from renowned brands serve all segments of the Indonesian market. Our distribution and reseller channel covers the whole Indonesian archipelago.

Merek yang dijual :

Fargo, Zebra, Datalogic, EZO

Jenis Barang yang dijual :

Auto ID (Printer dan scanner)

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